Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spotlight on Patrice!

This is my friend Patrice. I met her a couple of years ago at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. She was doing exactly what you see her doing here: Performing for the passersby & and the folks enjoying lunch from some of the nearby food merchants. Turkey Legs! Beef & Chicken on a Stick! Fully Loaded Baked Potatoes...Now I'm hungry!

Well, me being who I am, I took a bunch of pics of her. There were a few reasons why I wanted to photograph her. For one thing she’s very pretty, very talented, and most importantly she agreed when I asked if I could!

While I was getting pics at different angles, I engaged her in a conversation by asking her questions about the instrument she was playing. It’s called a Spinet, and I discovered that Patrice really knows how to make it sing! I also learned that she spends her winters traveling with several different Ren Faires throughout the country, but AZ is her Home Town gig.

Well, after posting her photos on my "Wilgar" Flickr site I got a message from Erin, a girl I met during the the DarkCon ’07 Promotional Photoshoot. Erin said Patrice was her sister! After looking at photos that I took of both of them I can see a family resemblance!

It's very cool that they are related, but to top off the coolness, both of these Beautiful Ladies are extremely talented musicians! While Patrice plays the Piano and Spinet, Erin’s main instrument is the Violin. And they both teach as well!

Ever since I met her, Patrice has been on my mind as a person I would love to know more about. We are currently planning to collaborate on a photo shoot in the Not Too Distant Future. When that happens, I’ll be sure to let you know!

If YOU would like to know more about Patrice and her Music, (and let's face it, you KNOW you do!!) PLEASE be sure to visit where you can view video's of Patrice performing, listen to more of her wonderful music and even purchase her CD's as well!

Be sure to let her know I sent you there!


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