Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 52 - Week 3: Still Life for Brochure Cover

30 min for Brainstorming
30 min for Setup
2hr 15 min total shooting time
30 min for breakdown/clean up
1hr 10 min post productions/upload

So, the concept was easy as I had already obtained several of the items because I had wanted to shoot this for about 6 months, but never actually got around to it. This assignment was just what I needed to get this done. And now, of course I have MORE ideas I like this that I want to try!
The biggest issue was that I had originally wanted to shoot in daylight and see how creative I could be with just a few modifiers...but I started later than I should have and lost the sun very quickly.
I wound up using my Canon 430EX Speedlite with an orange gel as my light. Then I got lucky and my roommate came home and was willing to do some photo assisting, which allowed me to stay loose creatively and work faster than if I were forced to do everything myself!

All in all I am surprisingly pleased with the results. I hope you are too!

LE: Canon 40D Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG MACRO 430EX Speedlite fired with Pocket Wizards and gelled orange behind my 5 in 1 diffuser as the only light mods.
1/200 f/2.8 ISO 100

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